Triple Net Lease

The Ideal 1031 Replacement Property is here to help investors find triple net lease properties to complete Starker or 1031 tax deferred exchanges

A lease is triple net, nnn or simply ‘net’ if it requires the tenant to pay the following costs:

  1. Insurance: full liability and property damage insurance
  2. Maintenance: all repair and preventive maintenance during the life of the lease
  3. Taxes: all state and local property taxes

In a triple net lease, the tenant is responsible for all the normal expenses of ownership, leaving the owner free of day-to-day management responsibility, and making the monthly rental payments “net” to the owner.

Triple net lease properties are usually single-tenant, industrial, or retail properties with long-term leases to corporate tenants. Blockbusters, Federal Express, Home Depot, Family Dollar and Wal-Mart all use triple net leases because a net lease provides the control of ownership without the up-front cash expenditure.

Properties leased to high grade corporate tenants such as these are ideal exchanges for investors who want safe investment property with secure, long-term income, free of day-to-day management responsibility. Send us an Email for help in finding suitable triple net lease properties

Advantages of a Triple Net Lease Property

Here are a few reasons why investment grade net lease properties are unbeatable as secure 1031 exchange replacement properties:

  1. Steady income-stream guaranteed by an investment grade corporate tenant.
  2. A long-term lease to a corporate tenant with high credit rating, makes it easy to get a mortgage loan at favorable rates.
  3. Equity can be refinanced out on a tax-free basis after the exchange is complete.
  4. Triple net lease properties usually have high residual values because they are most often built for retailers who have researched the market to find high density, middle income areas with great traffic patterns.
  5. Net leased properties relieve owners from management headaches associated with other types of income-producing real estate.

Secure Long-term Income

In many ways, the income stream from a net lease is like the payments a lender receives on a mortgage loan to a homeowner: the payments keep coming even if the property burns down. Rental payment continues for the full term of a nnn lease. This makes the credit rating of the tenant  almost as important a purchase consideration as the condition of the property.

When replacing properties in a 1031 exchange, will recommend nnn properties where the tenants have the highest credit ratings.

High Return on Investment

Historically, these properties have generated an annual cash-on-cash return of 9 to 10 percent, and when leveraged with a self-amortizing loan, have generated an internal rate of return of approximately 20 percent.