Qualified Intermediaries

1031 Solutions, Inc. – Providing 1031 Exchange Investors with an efficient exchange facilitation service focused on achieving the clients’ tax saving goals.

Arrow 1031 – Providing national Qualified Intermediary services for your residential or commercial 1031 exchange. Our Certified Exchange Specialists are available 7 days a week by phone.

Asset Preservation, Inc. — National leader in the “Qualified Intermediary” industry, assisting clients in successfully completing their IRC §1031 tax deferred exchanges.

Diversified Exchange Corporation — a leading provider of 1031 exchange services, including real and personal property 1031 exchange strategies.

Exchanging.com – National Qualified Intermediary of Tax Deferred Exchanges. Also serving as a national sub-contractor to banks, real estate and closing attorneys and hundreds of title and escrow companies.

Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. – Assisting clients and their tax advisors by providing exchange solutions to achieve the client’s goals of enhancing their business portfolios and preserving equity.

Realty Exchangers – On-line since 1995, a comprehensive information resource for I.R.C. Section 1031 Exchanges.

Starker Services, Inc. – Well established national independent Qualified Intermediary firm, successfully completing exchanges each year for: Real Estate, Business, Personal Property and Aircraft.

Tax Free Exchange Corp. – Working with investors and Realtors all over the United States for over 25 years helping them save in capital gains taxes with 1031 exchanges.

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